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Learning at Aorere

Aorere College provides a broad curriculum at both junior and senior level, which includes an emphasis on the development of the essential skills of literacy and numeracy.  Students have the opportunity to develop skills across the full range of learning areas including Technology, the Arts (Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Arts, Physical Education and Health, Languages, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science).

Junior classes are generally mixed ability, but there is opportunity for able students to work at an accelerated level.  Supported learning classes are also provided for students working well below expected curriculum levels.
The senior curriculum provides a wider range of subjects which can be studied up to Level 3 NCEA and NZ Scholarship level in preparation for university pathways.  Students are encouraged to consider potential career pathways and there is facility for students to specialise in particular pathways such as Performing Arts and Health Science in order to prepare fully for university requirements.
Aorere College offers a range of innovative programmes in association with tertiary providers which provide for career pathways such as Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing, Hospitality and Catering and Early Childhood Education.   These programmes allow students to study at tertiary level for one or two days a week while still at school completing Levels 2 and 3 NCEA.

Up To Date Facilities

Aorere College- a modern leaning educational institution

Our school  has significant Wi-Fi & internet access across the school and teachers that are highly skilled practitioners in digital and modern learning classrooms. We are well-equipped to develop students’ digital capabilities and competencies alongside the essential New Zealand Curriculum needs. In 2016, there is an expectation that all students will have their own portable digital device for student learning purposes. 

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